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Assembly & Installation

We provide services such on site assembly and installation, in the mechanical and electro-instrumental fields, of machines usually manufactured by us. From the execution of the specific processing to the whole management and coordination of the activities, we can follow the entire process.


Assembly & Installation
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30 years Experience

Assembly & Installation

For over 30 years we have dedicated ourselves in supplying ever more complete services in the field of manufacturing, assembly and plant maintenance, in the mechanical and electro-instrumental fields, from the execution of the specific processing to the whole management and coordination of related activities, in order to offer to our Client an “All-inclusive” service.

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Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. Pursuing and maintaining it means keep improving by dedicating time and resources to targeted activities.

We carry out assembly and installation activities for equipments such as skids, tanks, stacks, filters, derricks and more complex machine parts, offering to our customer, when it is possible and if required, turn-key services.

Thanks to our large areas within the headquarter, we have the ability to completely assemble small and large equipment, including electro-instrumental systems, and perform pre-assemblies of large components that will subsequently be installed on site, drastically reducing any downtime in our customer site.

Supplying fully assembled components allows us to perform Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) which help to verify that the manufactured equipment meets the Customer’s requirements. Being able to carry out the FAT in advance allows us to ship the equipment to the site with the certainty that we have complied with all that is required by the order specifications.

The assemblies, both in the headquarter and on site, are performed by highly specialized personnel with all the qualifications necessary for the handling of materials, work at height, work in confined spaces, assembly and welding, as well as lifting of components at height.

By assembling very large and heavy components, we can also develop transport procedures, unloading and loading plans and lifting plans. If requested, we are also able to carry out the assembly supervision on site.

We have a large seaport area where macro components, manufactured in our workshop, are ordinarily assembled for shipment by sea: these components are assembled to obtain a turn-key final product including the electro-instrumental system.

We are currently working in various plants and sites in the south of Italy, in particular in Puglia where the Brindisi-Taranto Industrial Pole offers various development and application opportunities.

Check out this Bucket wheel stacker reclaimer  that we manufactured, in macro-pieces, in our workshop and fully assembled in Taranto.